The United “O”

We were tasked with designing the 2022 Special Olympics logo. Heading into the last client meeting to select the final design made by “professionals”, we got inspired by the core mission of the Special Olympics:
Through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success. Our athletes find joy, confidence and fulfillment—on the playing field and in life. They also inspire people in their communities and elsewhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential.
It was in that moment we realized the logo wasn’t ours to design. What if we asked graphic designers, artists and creators with intellectual disabilities to design the logo. We partnered with nine of them throughout the country, held a design workshop with them in Orlando, and designed the logo together. Oscar-winning director Rayka Zehtabchi made a film about the project. One Show: Shortlist


Case Study